Cust Kernel Gaming Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 [Notkernel]

  • on February 2, 2021

Kernel Gaming Redmi Note 7

Compatible ROMs:

Should work with all ROMs: Pie, ten , Miui.

Fitur notKernel:

  • Input baseed CPU boost
  • Devfrequency boost
  • Boost CPU to max while launching the app
  • Optimized TCP a bit
  • Added an API to indicate the process in perf critical
  • Boost devfreq whenever a userspace commits a new frame
  • Fast charging! (Don’t use Device while charging it will heat!)
  • Kcal support
  • Enabled VDSO
  • ion: Rewrite to improve performance
  • iommu: Rewrite to improve performance
  • Update support for Joystick/pad
  • fsync: added a toggle to enable or disable fsync.
  • usb fast charge mode & disabled by default
  • Recalculated energy Cost versi
  • Optimized Thermals
  • and many more under the Hood changes and optimisations.

Download Link

Download Disini

Cara Install notKernel

  1. Reboot ke Recovery
  2. Flash Zip
  3. Pilih Zip Kernel,kemudian Install Kemudian Reboot

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